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1.87sLook, what I was saying...
1.8sLook, just tell me what you want me to say!
1.87sBill, he's urinating!
2.2sOh, shit! That's it!
0.1sLook, Bill, can I just...
2.54sNo, no, no, outside! Outside now!
3.6s(BARKING) Outside! You get outside!
1.05sHey, Stewie.
1.57sWhat do you want?
2.08sI just want to talk to you about everything that happened.
4.4sYou know, you were the only person who believed in me when I was down.
2.92sThis all happened so fast, and I lost sight of who I was.
1.84sI mean, you know, sure,
1.83syou were in a little over your head, but...
1.07sWhoa, whoa, whoa!
1.6sI was in over my head?
2sYeah, but, Stewie, this isn't about all the things you did wrong.
1.8sIt's about me apologizing.
1.47sOkay, then apologize.
1.67s- I just did. - No, you didn't.
1.47sYou just said it's about me apologizing.
1.53sThat's not actually apologizing.
4.91sAll right, Stewie, I'm sorry that I made you uncomfortable and put you in a situation that you clearly couldn't handle.