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2.07sI mean, yeah, you can wish it, and you can do it,
2.8sbut only if you have the educational advantages,
2.3sthe societal advantages that, like, what,
1.7s5% of the country has.
1.13sWell, yeah, you forgot "want it,"
1.5swhich is such a big part of the book.
1.37sI mean, but you know, then again,
1.74syou just said you haven't read it, so, you know...
1.67sActually, since I said that, I did read it.
4.77s(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) And that's another thing, I have to say,
3.8saren't "wish it" and "want it" really the same thing?
1.43sI mean, your book
1.94sbasically makes three points,
1.8sand two of them are the same point.
3.4sWell, you know, I mean, it does seem to be helping a lot of people, Bill.
3.17sWell, "help" is a strong word.
5.34sHow does this help people, like, with cancer or in Darfur?
1.9sWell, I mean, it's not really for them.
1.94sIt's for, like, if you want a car.