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1sExcuse me.
1.53sMom, listen.
2.7sDon't ask how I know, but I'm never going to see you again.
2.57sAnd there's a lot that I always wished I had said before I...
5.64s(DOORBELL RINGS) Quit goofing off. You may be asleep, but you're not on break.
2.79sThis crisis has reached the highest level.
6.97s(GURGLING ROAR) Good God, it's Richard Nixon, our greatest President!
6.26sThat's right, daddy-o, and I need to take your hippie son on a far-out musical quest.
2.22sGet out of my house, you commie.
4.49s(ALL GRUNTING) No! I'm not ready to leave yet. Mom!
3.49s(GRUNTS) Okay, kid, focus. Where'd you hear that music?
3.2sSock hop? Co-ed dorm? Black Panther meeting?
2.12sI just want to talk to my mom.
2.24sLet me back in there, Agnew! (GRUNTING)
1.37sIt's no use, Fry.
3.07sYou were never in your house again after 10:00 P.M.