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1.65sYou're gonna get fired, Phil.
4.57sHow are you gonna pay off your debt to the Columbia House Record Club if you keep losing jobs?
3sHe's right. You should go. We'll still be here tomorrow.
2.07sYeah, but what if I'm not?
3.19sI mean, what if I never see you again, Mom?
2.1sThere's a lot of stuff I want to tell you.
1.18sWell, like what?
5.59sWell... (DOORBELL RINGS) (BARKING) (GASPS) Sorry to disturb you all, but Fry needs to get going.
1.5sI was just telling him that, Leela.
1.47sMom? You know Leela?
1.83sLeela, what are you doing in my dream?
3.37sThe Professor sent me in to put an end to this quality time.
2.48sPlease. I need more time with my mom.
2.8sBut it's not even her. She's just part of your dream.
2.35sThat's as close as I'm gonna get.
2.74s(SIGHS) Okay, but hurry.
3.64sThe world's ending and your dream pants need changing.
4.59sListen, Mom... (DOORBELL RINGS) Hello. We're friends of Philip J. Fry.
4.09sOh, my God, is that a Cap'n Crunch casserole?