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2.32sHis name is Shazam.
2.1s(BEEPS) Shazam, what song is this?
6.91s(CLEARS THROAT) (MIMICS OMINOUS MUSIC) Your singing is awful. I can't take it anymore.
5.34s(OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYS) There it is again. It's driving me crazy.
2.27sWhy am I the only one whining?
2.77sAll personnel, report to the laboratory.
2.54sI've discovered the source of the music.
3.07s(LAUGHS) Hologram off.
6.07s(BEEPING) As you can see, I've picked up an alien ship on the long-range scanner.
4.55sIt seems to be emitting musical tones in an effort to communicate.