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1.97sWell, I'm afraid we misled you.
3.9s(GASPING) Get ready, skanks. Here comes the truth train!
3.65sThis isn't an island. It's a peninsula.
2.12s(GASPING) This was supposed to be about trust!
3.47s(SOBBING) I just want to get on that boat and go home!
2.25sWell, you don't need a boat because you can walk.
1.18sWhat do those women expect?
1.18sWhen you sign a contract with Fox,
1.95syou know you're gonna be betrayed and humiliated.
1.48sQuiet! The commercial's on!
3.7sIf we don't watch these, it's like we're stealing TV.
3.99sDo you love that sweet smell of Farmer Billy's bacon?
1.18sDo I ever?
4.29sWould you like to see how a pig goes from loving life to your fork and knife?
1.37sWould I?
8.14sWell, if you open up one of these here packages and find a golden ticket, you get a tour of Farmer Billy's bacon factory.
6.06s(COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCER READING) FARMER BILLY: You'll see the hoof grinder, the marrow sluice,