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1.37sWould I?
8.14sWell, if you open up one of these here packages and find a golden ticket, you get a tour of Farmer Billy's bacon factory.
6.06s(COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCER READING) FARMER BILLY: You'll see the hoof grinder, the marrow sluice,
5.45sand of course, the five-story pig shredder blessed by three popes.
2.52sIf you like bacon, you're gonna love it.
3.59sAnd if you don't like bacon, well, then the hell with ya!
3.67sI'm going to find that golden ticket and win that tour!
3.87sThe only thing that can make bacon more delicious is seeing how it's made!
2.67sOkay. Farmer Billy's slow-killed bacon.
1.5sFarmer Billy's bacon-fed bacon,
1.53sFarmer Billy's travel bacon...
2.2sMr. Simpson, if you really want to kill yourself,