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1.8sOkay, we'll use a plan.
2.65sThis is where Duffman lives now.
2.28sBut I'm not sure we should go in there.
3.17sMom, we need him for our plan.
2.39sI'm sorry. We have a six-month residency limit.
2.34sWell, ol' Gil's gonna surprise ya.
2.17sI'll make something of myself. You'll see.
2.64sUh-- Hey.
2.14sWhat do you use for anesthetic?
1.33sA big mallet?
1.87sGee, I'm starting to have second th--
2.18sLook. There's Duffman.
2.37sOkay, if you have six liters of blood...
2.17sand your blood is 80% alcohol,
1.65show much alcohol do you have?
1.78sAnyone? Hey, Duffman!
2.94sPlease, I'm not Duffman anymore.
2.57sJust plain old Barry Duffman.
1.63sOh, yeah.
3.1sBut we need you to be Duffman again so we can get our dog back.