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2.97sI don't believe I know you.
3.77sThat's not it at all. I happen to think Loretta is very beautiful,
4.27swith her sassy wisdom and speed-bag arm fat.
2sHmm. I guess at the very least,
3.27sI could go talk to her tomorrow and see how I feel.
2.6sThanks for your help, Griffins.
2.34sBrian, do you really think Loretta is beautiful?
2.34sAbsolutely. That's really how I feel.
4.84sNow, it is true her personality is abrasive. Slightly abrasive.
7.07sBut overall, Loretta is a delightful person, very pleasant to be around and free to pursue a life of religious fulfillment.
2.54sI'm really concerned about Cleveland.
1.93sWhat Loretta did was unforgivable.
1.43sI hope he doesn't go back to her.
1.4sI hear you, Lois.
3.94sYou know, there might be a way to drive the point home that she hasn't changed.
1.4sHow would we do that?
2.17sHang on. Hey, Quagmire!
1.53sQuagmire! QUAGMIRE: What?