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1.53sYou know what? This is never gonna work, Stewie.
2.4sLoretta cheated on Cleveland. She's not gonna want to go back to him.
2.77sOh, she can be convinced, Brian. Just let me do the talking.
1.7sNo, I think I can communicate with her better.
1.83sShe's only gonna get the gist of what you're saying.
3.7sReally? Isn't she one of those people outside the family who can understand me?
3.27sNo, I think because of Cleveland, she's close enough to the main cast that it might be a little weird.
1.5sReally? MAN: We're filming!
2.9sOkay, okay. Sorry, sorry. Ring the doorbell.
1.17sHi, Loretta.
2.77sBrian! Stubby! What are you doing here?
3.74sWell, to be honest, Loretta, Cleveland sent us.
1.63sHe really wants you back.
2.13sYeah, he says he misses that
3.04sperfect figure.