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1.2sOh, no, I'm not gonna do the dance.
1.07sDo the dance!
6.14s(GRUNTS) (DOORBELL RINGS) Hey, Quagmire. Cool, you dressed like Napoleon Dynamite.
1.37sHey, do you say anything funny?
2.63sNo, I just do quirky things for the sake of being quirky.
2.8sYou strike me as someone I wouldn't enjoy, but others might.
1.24sWho are you dressed as, Peter?
1sI'm Laura Bush.
1.17sAnd I'm the guy she killed.
2.84sThat's right. I forgot. Laura Bush killed a guy.
2.87sYes, she did. Laura Bush killed a guy.
2.1sLaura Bush killed a guy.
1.2sWell, come on in.
1.73s(EXCLAIMING) You know, this is why...
2.9sBrian, you remember the last couple of weeks I kept saying,
2.7s"Can I have a couple minutes of your time to talk to you about something?"
1.63sThis is what it was about.
1.2sThis evening is ru-ined.
1.43sLook... Wait, what?
2.17sThis evening is ru-ined. The whole evening is ru-ined.
1.7s- Why are you saying it like that? - Saying what?
1.6sI'm just pointing out the party's ru-ined.
2.97sYou know, I'm not gonna get sucked into this.