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1syou'd respect me.
1.63sI do. As do I.
5.54sNow why don't you go hop on that gay bike of yours and go get yourself a lollipop or a cupcake or something?
4.2s(LAUGHING) We good, Brian. We good.
2.74sSo, Carolyn.
2.87sGuess you should've hit that when you had the chance, huh, Brian?
1.6sWhat? You're the one who told me to wait!
1.93sYou're crazy, bitch. I didn't say that, bitch.
2.34sYeah, well, thanks to you, I lost her to Cleveland.
1.43sYou know what you need?
2.07sYou need to stop pointing fingers and get out of the house.
2.24sHave some fun. Real fun.
3.44sNot like 37-year-old-woman- on-a-blind-date fun.
2.9s(CHUCKLING) This is fun, right? We're having fun.
1.53sI mean, so what if you forgot your wallet?
2.34sI'll pay. I'm gonna pay for us.
2.13sYou'll get it next time. Yeah!
2.57sSo, you were in prison, right? Killed a man?