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3.14sDon't do it, Brian! Take it slow!
4.3sOf course, I'll tell you what would really set you right is a couple of Aleve and a good night's sleep.
1.73sOh. Um...
1.57sAll right, if you say so.
2.64sWell, I guess I should say good night.
2.87s(HOOTING) Good job, Brian!
1.17sHi, there. Not interested.
1.87s(EXCLAIMING) Tandem bike.
3.44sYou gonna take a ride out in the country and let the AIDS blow through your hair?
2.37sGet lost, Stewie. I am getting laid tonight.
2.07sWhoa, whoa, whoa, what happened to taking it slow?
1.63sI have been taking it slow.
2.5sWe've been going out for three weeks and I haven't tried anything,
2.7seven though she's been giving me some pretty strong signals.
2.77sSo, do you have any thoughts on what you might want to do tonight?