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1.3sMAN: You think it's easy working all day?
1.6sWOMAN: No! I... MAN: You think I like it?
1.93sWOMAN: I don't think it's easy, but, yes, I do think you like it.
2.74sMAN: No... Yeah, I like being away from you 'cause I can't stand looking at you!
1.03sWOMAN: (CRYING) You...
2.4sMAN: Yeah! You think I want to do that?
1.23sYou think I want to hurt you?
1.77sNot in front of the baby!
1.5sI don't want... I don't want to hurt you!
1.5sI'm sure there's two sides to this.
1.1sMAN: You make me hurt you!
1.17s- Whoops. - I'm sorry.
2.23sI don't think you want this book. It's all about atheism.
1.63sOh, I know. I'm an atheist.
1.33sReally? So am I.
2.97sIt's all yours. I feel bad taking the last copy.
1.9sWell, there's one way to settle this.
3.07sIf there is a God, send another copy.
2.6s(CHUCKLING) I guess that's our answer.
2.9sTell you what. How about I take it and then send it to you after I read it?
1sSwear to God?
1.87s(LAUGHING) Stop it.
1.7sI know, I'm just messing...
2.94sWell, listen, here's my address.
1.57sThanks. See you later.