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1.97sHave you ever had any sex that was voluntary?
1.63sNo, I have not. Yeah, have a good evening.
1.27sCome on, buddy. Let's go.
3.27s(BIRD TWITTERING) Yeah, with a capital "C."
1.77sOh, stop looking so depressed, Brian.
3.3sI'm sure one day you'll meet a girl who loves abortion as much as you do.
4.14sThat's not the point, Stewie. I'm just tired of every girl I meet being crazy.
1.77sOh, things will work out for you.
4.47sNow, come on, let's forget our problems and get lost in the world of books.
4.54sHorton Hears Domestic Violence in the Next Apartment and Doesn't Call 911.
1.3sMAN: You think it's easy working all day?
1.6sWOMAN: No! I... MAN: You think I like it?
1.93sWOMAN: I don't think it's easy, but, yes, I do think you like it.
2.74sMAN: No... Yeah, I like being away from you 'cause I can't stand looking at you!
1.03sWOMAN: (CRYING) You...
2.4sMAN: Yeah! You think I want to do that?
1.23sYou think I want to hurt you?
1.77sNot in front of the baby!
1.5sI don't want... I don't want to hurt you!
1.5sI'm sure there's two sides to this.
1.1sMAN: You make me hurt you!