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2.97sYou know, I'm not gonna get sucked into this.
1.7sOkay, just so I'm sure, really?
2.5sAre you just trying to piss me off or is that really how you say that?
2.2sWhat are you talking about? I'm talking about this ru-ined evening.
1.1sThat's not how you say "ruined."
1.03sWhat? Ru-ined?
2.7sWhat do you call the remains - of ancient Greek structures? Ruins.
1.23sAnd how would you describe this evening?
1.97sRu-ined, of course. This evening is ru-ined.
1.37s- Say "ruined." - Ru-ined.
1.17s- Ruined. - Ru-ined.
1.23s- Ruined. - Ru-ined.
1.47sBrian, don't be crue-el.
2.93sThat's a great costume, Joe. Are you FDR?
2.34sNo, I'm Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz.
1.9sOh, you mean, like, if he dove into the shallow end?
1.77sNo. Regular Mark Spitz.
1.8sWait, are you Stephen Hawking at the beach?
3.1sNo, I'm Mark Spitz! He won seven gold medals!
2.54sOh, I get it. You're crippled Magnum, P.I.