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1.07sRoom service.
1.53sI didn't order no room service.
2.1sIt's complimentary.
4.4sWe have a club sandwich, a fruit plate and a side of hot beefsteak! Giggity Giggity Goo!
2.37s(GASPING) Glenn Quagmire! You get out of here!
2.3sCome on, baby. Time for round two!
4.1s(LORETTA SCREAMING) You're the devil! You ruined my marriage!
3.54sYou can't resist the Q-man and my super-powered genitalia.
1.97sApache Penis, ee-nay-chok!
2.97s(GRUNTS) You go on and beat it, little neck!
3.07sI'm a changed woman! I don't mess with your kind anymore!
1.03sYou're a meanie!
1.37sHey, Quagmire.
1.7sHey, Cleveland.
2.94sWhy are you staying in a hotel?
2.4sMy house burned down.
1.67sWhy are you naked?
5.67sNaked? But everybody's been telling me I'm wearing magnificent robes made from the finest silk.