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2.3sWhoo! And try this, kids at home!
4.54sIs television sensation Bender a bad role model for Earth's children?
2.08sThat's crazy!
4.6sA new protest group, Fathers Against Rude Television, says, "Hell, yes!"
3.57sWhat kind of bozos would start a Bender protest group?
1.83sGood news, everyone!
4.03sHermes and I have started a Bender protest group.
0.81sThat was uncanny.
1.9sFathers Against Rude Television...
3.3sdon't want our kids watching Bender's high-definition filth.
2.7sAnd for what, some kind of cheap laugh?
3.25sThat's not what F.A.R.T. is all about.
2.15sNo, sir. Not us FARTers!
4.49sWhoa, whoa, whoa! You can't censor me just 'cause I'm an obscenely bad role model.
3.12sAs unclean as it makes me feel, I agree with Bender.