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3.07sIt's funny, but is it going to get them off their tractors?
3.67sNow, who put this obnoxious dancing robot on my network?
0.48sWe were about to fire him, sir.
2.26sSilence, hack!
2.94sWe've been monitoring our Nielsen families carefully.
2.7sAnd during the 12 seconds Bender was on-screen,
2.84sviewer eyeball focus was up 90%.
2.68sBut, sir, children watch this show.
2.6sBender's no role model. He's a filth monger!
3.99sAt our network, we love filth-- filthy rich, that is--
2.22sbeing filthy rich, that is!
3.39s"Bite my shiny metal ass" could be a catch phrase!
0.49s80% likely!
2.54sIt will play in Peoria.
1.73sGame shows are back.
3.55sWe need this edgy, sweeps-ready robot on our network.