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2.65sCurse the tragic wildebeest accident that--
4sHey, everyone! Antonio here, but you can call me Bender!
2.53sI got ants in my butt and I needs to strut.
3.49sCome on, baby! Do ah do!
2.52sDe dat diddly whoop boopity boo! Come on!
2.17sDoo do! Bee bop boo!
3.75sI'm not familiar with the type of thing I'm seeing.
1.85sBite my shiny metal ass!
3.64sOoh! Yeah. Come on, baby. Ooh! Unh! Come on. Yeah.
3.12sCut! That's the worst coma acting I've ever seen!
4.49sWe'll have to shoot it again. No! No, no, no. I don't do two takes.
0.43sBut this guy Was--
3.08sAmateurs like you do two takes.
1.93sI do one take!
2.35sPrint it! I'll be in my three-story trailer.