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2.95sBender, I'd like you to meet our director, whose name I never learned.
2.09sYo. I read the script...
3.44sand I think it would help my character's motivation if he was on fire.
1.72sUh, don't worry about the script, baby.
2.4sWe rewrote your part to better suit your acting abilities.
3.62sSo now my character has a British accent?
3.7sNo. Now your character's in a coma. Get in bed and don't move.
1.72sAnd... action!
2.6sStupid dumb coma. Coulda been British.
2.89sAlas, that mine only son...
3.5sshould sink into an irreversible, permanent...
4.2sPermanent? That's completely out of character for Antonio. I'm getting up.