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5.2sBoo! Boo! This kid sucks! We want Bender! Boo!
4.2sWell, I thought he was good, but the audience seems to have turned on him.
1.46sBut I don't think--
4.34s"At Veracruz. So, if you'll kindly hand me my poncho--"
3.87sBoo! Bring on Bender! Boo! Bender's the greatest!
2.35sSorry, kid. You're flailing up there.
3.7sNinety actors and they all got booed.
3.44sI just wish we could get this Bender I keep hearing about.
1.6sThey say he's the greatest.
3.85sWell, there is a robot named Bender here, but he's much to old for--
1.6sSend him in forthwith!
3.22sBoo! Not as good as Bender! Boo!
2.17s- Mr. Bender? - Dah! Ohhh!
1.63sHave you ever been on TV before?
1.92sOnce, when I took those hostages.