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3.24sAnd more importantly, turn it off once in a while.
1.67sHear, hear! Yeah. You're darn right!
1.97sSo should we turn it off now?
3.3sUh, well, uh, that depends what's on.
2.15sNothing good.
3.64sAw, let's just keep watching.
2.2sTv party tonight Whaa--
2.44sTv party tonight ooh!
3.37sWe've got nothing better to do
3.77sThan watch tv and have A couple of brews
2.6sDon't wanna talk about anything else
10.28sWe don't wanna know We're dedicated, yes To Our favorite shows All My Circuits! Everybody Loves Hypno-Toad!
2.74sScary Door! Blernsday Night Blernsball!