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2.2sAnd don't skimp on the nasty.
2.23sThere'll be no further nasty.
2.57sWe still have the option of resorting to violence!
2.17sWhat makes you think that'll work?
5.6sI saw it on TV in that episode where Bender shot Calculon. How cool was that?
0.65sOoh! Yeah! Come on!
3.17sQuit the show!
0.43sDo the scene.
2.79sI'm a cold-blooded punk!
3.85sI once put a laugh track on a sitcom that had no jokes in it.
1.72sHey! Look! The prop guy has a lamp!
1.77s- Really? - Whaaa---
2.49sI was using that!
2.85sListen up, 'cause I've got a climactic speech.
2.33sYou! Cameraman! Keep the camera rolling.
2.23sYou! Director! Give me my motivation!
0.49sYou're angry.