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3.23sCan I help you? I'd like to get my ear pierced.
4.65sWell, better make it quick, kiddo. In five minutes, this place is becoming a Starbucks.
2.94sHello, everybody! Sparkle, sparkle.
1.73sAn earring. How rebellious.
2.37sIn a conformist sort of way.
2.13sWhat on earth possessed you to get an earring?
0.52sMilhouse has one.
2.54sIf Milhouse jumped off a cliff--
1.95sMilhouse jumped off a cliff? I'm there.
2.7sGet back here, boy. You're a disgrace to this family,
3.09sand its proud naval tradition. Well, I'm keeping this earring,
2.73sand you can't stop me!
3.12sOh. I always thought Lisa would be the one to get her ears pierced.
1.93sCan I? No!
3.39sTime to reap the benefits of bein' cool.
2.84sI don't believe this. Everyone's got an earring.