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2.04s"your curious indiscretions no longer phase me."
6.34s"Really? And I suppose you think "I enjoy hanging onto those hammocky "deposits of gin sugars you call buttocks?"
1.07sWhat was that?
1.2sWhat did you just write there?
1.4sGive me that!
2.44s"Insecurity? Gender confusion?"
2.94sOh, I'll give you something to write about!
1.9sLook at me! I'm insane!
2.2sI'm Martin Lawrence on a bender!
1.42sMr. and Mrs. Griffin,
2.17sdoes Stewart have a history of aggression?
3.5sno, No. Hitting Peter is the first violent thing he's ever done.
4.91sWell, Technically, the first act of violence was that time bomb I left ticking in your uterus before I Came out.
2.6sHappy 50th birthday, Lois.