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3.5sI'm going to go find something to strike you with. Excuse me.
1.8sGood morning.
2.17sPeter, you look terrible. What happened?
1.2sLast night,
2.57sLois was the man!
1sGood Lord!
1.8sI just want you to know, Brian,
1.23sI didn't cry.
1.77sIt's Ok. It's ok. Shh.
1.43sOh, No! Peter!
1.83sStewie, what did you do?
2.72sLooks like He freed the beast all over the back of Peter's head.
1.23sOh, My God.
2.2sThis is my fault. This is my fault.
2.27sI brought violence into this house!
2.04sI am the worst mother in the world!
3.04sAh-ha! I got it all on tape!
3.64sOk. Um, This is me interviewing Ed Sullivan.
1.87sW-What's new, Ed?
3.9sWEll, Stewie, tonight We have a really big show.