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1.37sThe Drunken Clam?
3.24sW-Why couldn't we go someplace fancy like The Olive Garden?
2.3sOh, The breadsticks.
2.23sMe likey breadsticks! Me likey--
1.57sYou're a big girl now. Stop it!
1.53sH-h-Hold on, Lois.
1.52sExcuse me, New Yorker.
1.17sI think you're in my seat,
2.04sand I had sex with your mother last night.
1.13sPeter, are you crazy?
1.27sWhat did you say?
2.22sOh, About the seat, or about my plowing your father's wife?
1.17sWhat the hell are you doing?
2.34sExcuse me. Is your refrigerator running?
2.33sBecause if it is, it probably runs like you.
1.73sVery homosexually.
0.9sWhat? Ugh!
1.22sOh, You wanna dance?
1.78sJets suck! Yankees suck! Knicks suck!
1.1sUgh! Ugh!