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1.27sCome one, come all.
3.3sShe floats like a butterfly and stings like when I pee.
2.19sPeter, I am not a sideshow attraction,
1.87sat least not anymore.
3.69sMe likey bouncy. Me likey bouncy.
2.12sI want you to get rid of all this right now,
2.99sbecause I am never fighting again. Ever!
1.94sCome on, Chris. We'll have to go to Plan "B."
2.5sOh, No! Ahh! Oh, God! oh, My God!
2.9sOh, help me, Help me, for God's sake!
2.59sHe's gonna kill me! Help!
3.47sDon't worry. It's a trained bear. He's in no real danger.
1.6sOh, He's teaching a class.
1.65sI--I can't bother him now.
2.94sSure you can. Hey! Hey, Ralph Macchio!
1.22sMy wife here needs to talk to you.
1.8sThere you go, honey.
1.3sWhat is it, Lois?
2.62sI--I don't think I should do tae-jitsu anymore.
2.03sI'm afraid I'm gonna hurt someone.
1.8sBut, Lois, you're my star pupil.