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1.57sYo! God is good, eh?
1.63sAnd he expects us to be good.
4.3sAnd if you're not, he's gonna come down and bust your freaking skull. Amen.
1.43sWho do you think you're talking to?
1.83sYour God ain't tougher than me!
3sYou can't talk to the Father like that, you stupid cafone!
2.64sI oughta come over there and break your freakin' arm!
1.08sYou wanna go, tough guy?
3.99sI'll snap you in half like an almond biscotti from Valero's on 51st Street.
1.03sBest in the city!
1.57sFellas, this is God's house,
1.87sand the Patriots kick off in 45 minutes.
1.38sso Can we move this along?
1.05sPatriots suck!
1.27sAhh! Ahh!
1.5sIt burns! Ahh!
1.15sHoly water?
1.97sWhere's that acid I ordered?
1.47sHey, Guido, watch this.
1.8sWow, I've got to lay off the coffee!
2.3sThat's Jack's, Exit 14 off 295.
3.52sTae-jitsu is about power for your body and your mind.
2.67sDon't be afraid to free the beast inside you.
1.7sLeft kick, right kick,