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4.37sWait a minute. Are you telling me I just sang Ladysmith Black Mambazo for nothing?
2.5sDid it kill you to be multi-cultural for a minute?
2.92sI--I died a little inside, yes. You happy now?
2.37sDon't you use that tone of voice, you...
2.1sWhat were you-- What were you going to say? "Fat ass"?
0.75s"Wide load"?
1s"Dough boy"?
1.5s"Country virtuoso Roy Clark"?
1.62sHow about "all of the above"?
2.84sHow is this for a name? "Miss, Pony Express is in."
1.3s"What do you got for me, Joe?"
2.03s"Oh, Let me see here. It's here somewhere.
3.52s"Here we are. A big bag of liver spots for Lois!"
1.13sYou just hit me.
1.2sThat's right!
2.27sYou can't hit me! I'm a girl!
1.9sSometimes I wonder.
1.1sKicking, Lois?
1.78sHa! Hurts, doesn't it?
1.1sYou tell me.
1.27sAh! Ow! Ow!
1.57sUgh! Ow!