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2.04sHurry, Peter! They're almost here!
0.93sWe're too late!
1.77sYo, Matty. Check out those colors.
1.23sYellow like a taxi,
1.8sorange like the ball at the Knicks game,
2.7sand red like the sauce on my Mamma Mia's googatz.
3.09sYeah, and brown like the guys I don't pick up in my cab.
1.9sGood evening. Tonight's top story,
3.04squahog is infested with loud, hairy creatures,
1.68salso known as "New Yorkers."
2.37sThey migrate north every autumn to see the foliage.
5.59sI think I speak for all of us when I say that New York and everyone from there can fornicate themselves with an iron stick.
2.3sWe're gonna be late for church.
1.82sMove it! Damn leafers.
1.27sChris, quit it!
2.5sMom, Chris put his foot on my side again!
2.8sI can't help it. I have these long dancer's legs.