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2.6sI know I went a little overboard with my tae-jitsu.
4.04sBut from now on, we're not gonna have any more anger in this house, ok?
2.93sWell Then tell Chris to quit drawing pictures of me with a pig's body.
1.47sDon't censor me!
1.13sNo more anger!
4.8sThe psychologist wants us to try an exercise called "role reversal"
3.19swhere we pretend to be the person who makes us angry.
1.57sI'll go first.
2s"Don't listen to your mother, kids.
2.54s"She's worthless and dumb, and Ignore her,
1.53s"and only listen to me,
2.37s"I'm Lois. I brake for yard sales.
2.5s"But I don't let Peter buy anything he likes.
3.72s"Like that Narragansett beer stein "where the hot chick has 2 mugs for jugs."
3.5sIt was 8 freakin' dollars, and we have a dozen places to put it!
1.4sOh, oh, me next! Me next!
3.9s"I'm the dog. I'm well-read "and have a diverse stock portfolio.
5.44s"But I'm not above eating grass clippings and regurgitating them "on the small braided rug near the door."
7.94s"I'm a pompous little anti-Christ who will probably abandon my plans "for world domination when I grow up and fall in love with a rough trick named Jim."