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2.07sAnd tonight I'd like to share them with you.
2.8sWe begin with a little tale called Stand by Me,
2.67sabout four young boys who went looking for a dead body
2.34sand instead found themselves
1.53sand also a dead body.
2.6sPETER: The year was 1955,
2.74sand the voice in my head was that of Richard Dreyfuss.
3.14sRICHARD DREYFUSS: I never had friends like the ones I had when I was 12.
1.7sThere was me, Petey Lachance.
2.84sAnyone else fed up with this over-saturation of media?
2.27sThree channels and still nothing on.
1.3sDREYFUSS: Then there was Joey Duchamp.
2.37sThe voice in his head was Roy Scheider.
1.6sROY SCHEIDER: How are you, Richard? DREYFUSS: Fine, Roy.
1.7sHow are you? SCHEIDER: Good, good.
2.37sWe should grab a drink sometime and catch up.
2.17sMaybe reminisce about Jaws. DREYFUSS: Great.
3.34sYou should give me a call sometime. My number is 555...
2.37sWait, wait. What? 555?
1.47sYou know what, Richard?