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1.57sSTEWIE: I'm your number-one fan.
3.54sI'm your number-one fan. I'm your number-one fan.
4.47s(GROANING) Who... Who are you?
2.1sI'm Stewie Wilkes. I saved your life.
3.77sYou were in a terrible car accident, and you broke both your legs.
1sI taste lipstick.
1.03sAm I wearing lipstick?
1.6sNot anymore.
3.07sYou know, I am a huge Snuggly Jeff fan. I've read all the books.
1.74sGreat. Hey, can you hand me my cell phone?
2.44sI gotta call my agent. She's probably worried sick about me.
1.9sIt was destroyed in the accident.
1.73sWell, can I use yours? No reception up here.
1.07s- Regular phone? - Lines are down.
1s- Pay phone? - Road's closed.
1sE-mail? Dial-up.
1.03sFax? Paper jam.
1sMorse code? Obsolete.
1.6sBrain-damaged bicycle courier?
3.07sI'm not quite so sure I can find my way.