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3.2sAnd now for a segment we like a little less than the first and the last.
1.5sHere's Misery.
1.23sMarcia, I've done it.
2sI've finished the book, and Snuggly Jeff is dead.
1.53sAnd the readers are just gonna love it.
2.04sPaul, I still wish I could talk you out of this.
3.3sSnuggly Jeff is the most successful children's book series ever.
2.47sYeah, but I want to get into writing more serious stuff.
3.2sYou know, something where the reader doesn't have a load in his pants while he's looking at it.
2sWell, we'll talk about it when you get back.
1.73sMAN ON RADIO: This just in.
2.84sThe Weather Service has reported a big snowstorm on its way.