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3.24sCleve grew up and went on to marry Rebecca Romijn.
1.83sActually, I'm not even joking about that.
4.1sThe fat kid from Stand by Me is now married to Rebecca Romijn.
1.4sCan you believe that?
2.13sI swear to God. Look it up on the Internet.
1.8sDoesn't that piss you off?
3.1sQuag grew up to become a famous Hollywood actor.
1.83sUnfortunately, about a week ago,
3.5she took an overdose of designer drugs at The Viper Room.
2.64sHe died on the curb outside,
4.4sand now we're left with a harelipped reminder of what might have been.
2.3sHi. Welcome back from commercials.
1.93sJoaquin Phoenix, if you're still watching,
2.07syou are a good sport and a trouper,
3.47sand you passed our test, and you can be our friend.
3.2sAnd now for a segment we like a little less than the first and the last.
1.5sHere's Misery.