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2.54s(SCREAMING) My legs!
4.04sAnother train!
6.11s(SCREAMING) What an odd, clustered train schedule!
1.63sHey, sorry you got paralyzed, Joey.
1.77sThat's all right.
2.44sThanks for going all the way back to the junkyard to get me this wheelchair.
2.47sBoy, was Old Man Pressman angry.
3.84s(EXCLAIMING) DREYFUSS: We talked into the night,
3.2sthe kind of talk that seemed important until you discover girls.
3.57sThis House Un-American Activities Committee is a travesty.
4.07sAnd if we go into French Indochina, it'll take us 30 years to get out.
4.54sLevittown-type housing communities will replace individualism with fear and conformity.
3.17sWhat do you think of that new kid at school, Marty McFly?
2.9sSeems like he just showed up out of nowhere.