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3.84sOh, my God. If that gets past the bad neighborhoods and reaches us,
1.73sthat's going to be a big problem.
1.97sThey can't do that. We should report them.
1.4sTo who? There's no government.
2.8sThen it's up to us, the people, to find a solution.
1.47sClose the curtains.
1.44s(SIGHS) Tea Party.
2.34sDamn it, this is what I was afraid was going to happen.
2.25sThis town is going to go to hell.
3.45sI now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.
1.5sI'm glad we waited.
2.03sYeah, see, that's not mine.
2.19sHey, Mort, what gives with the blond hair?
1.17sYeah, you look weird like that.
3.09sHistorically, in instances of mass lawlessness,
3.2sthe first thing they do is round up the Jews.
2.82sExcuse me, fellow Aryan, have you seen any Jews around?
1.4sIs there a reward?
1.83sWait a minute. Are you Jewish?
3.2sI mean, unashamed locker room nudity?
1.65sThis guy's kosher.