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3.6sYou're knitting like you want us to like you. It's not coming from inside.
1.63sIt's very superficial.
2.05sThank you! You've made my decision easier!
1.82sYes! That! Knit that!
1.95sGood Tea Party morning, everyone!
1.33sPeter, you joined the Tea Party?
1.07sThat's right, Brian.
6.11sI finally got something better to do with my Saturdays than sit at the mall and watch Japanese girls laugh at normal conversation.
2sSo, I drove to work this morning...
3.4s(GIRLS LAUGHING) ...and I had to stop for coffee.
1.93sSo, there's a Starbucks near my house...
1.84sYou people are a circus.
3.94sFinally, I'm part of a movement of regular people trying to take back our government.
2.9sLook, the Tea Party isn't the grassroots movement you think it is.
5.34sIt's actually funded by big business types who are using you to get the government out of their way so they can roll over everyone.
3.24sMom held hands with a woman at the gas station this morning.
1.97sDon't know what that means. Just reporting it.
1.5sAll I'm saying is you're being used,