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2.74sPeter, I'm afraid I'm here to shut you down.
3.3sYou're running an unlicensed business, and that's against the law.
1.48sOh, that is such bullcrap.
1.72sWell, you can't fight City Hall.
1.63sOh, we'll see about that!
1.67sCity Hall knows karate.
2.3sI'm sorry, Peter, but the government makes the rules.
1.33sI just enforce them.
2.28sI don't believe this, Joe. This is like living in Russia.
1.38sI might as well just move there.
1.47sYou don't want to do that.
4.14sIt's dark, it's cold, and hooking up is just a crapshoot 'cause of all the big coats.
2.4s(IN RUSSIAN ACCENT) All right, drop the coats on three.
2.57sOne, two, three!
1.5sYeah! Oh...
3.47sHey, you ever accidentally masturbate to young pictures of your mom?
3.74sWho the fuck starts a conversation like that? I just sat down.
1.3sGeez, what's your problem, Peter?
1.17sI'm sorry, Quagmire.
3.64sI'm still just upset about the damn government sticking its nose in my business.
3.6sI hear you. Wasting our tax dollars on ridiculous causes.