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3.49sThis is a crappy wallet. You have bad stuff.
2.99sWhat the hell? Lois, the TV went off again.
1.57sIt's the electricity, Peter.
2.57sThere are power lines down, and there's no one to fix them.
2.1sThe cops don't come, the toilets don't flush,
2.3sand there's garbage piling up in the streets.
2.6sRyan Phillippe's been out there for days.
1.93sWould anyone like to be impregnated?
1.59sWe had a nice town, Peter.
1.37sI had a nice life,
2.74sbut you and your anti-government buddies ruined it.
2.24sHey, so how's that Tea Party going, huh?
2.14sMore like T.P. Party.
1.13sToilet paper.
1.43sI don't know what happened, Brian.
2.17sNot having a government worked great in Somalia,
2.17sbut somehow we seem to have botched it all up.
1.54s- Looks that way. - Wait a minute.