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2.63sMy god, the man's a genius.
1.87sUm, excuse me.
2.03sMarty, what?
12.07sDad, what did you think about the recent report published by The Pluto Science Reader linking Pluto-quakes, sinkholes, and surface shrinkage to deep-core plutonium drilling?
5.2sWell, son, what did youthink when you were five and you pooped your pants,
5.66sand you threw your poopy undies out your bedroom window because you thought it was like throwing something in the garbage?
1.26sI mean, I'm trimming the hedges,
1.63sand these things are just hanging there.
1.93sWas I supposed to think the poop bunny left them?
2.97sGood one, Dad.
2.8sHey, Marty, you want to go on a,,, oh.
1.9sHey, Beth. Hello?