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2.2sSeriously? Holy crap.
1.59sHoly crap.
1.73sBut you know what, Grandpa Rick?
1.9sHe's strong, and he's never going to give up,
0.07sUh-huh, yeah, I don't care.
2.4sOh, I know.
1.83s- Everyone knows you don't care. - So?
1.93sSo have fun not caring.
1.66s- I always do. - Good.
1.8sYeah, it is good. It's the best.
1.99sI'm sure it is.
2.37sI'm here to pick up my undead cat and child.
2.16sYeah, uh... give me a sec.
2.3sThese are the forms for the employee health plan.
3.49sAll right, yeah, put -- put them on my-, eh.
2.56sI just got bored.
2.63sEverybody out.
1.9sJERRY: All right, just one more rally,
1.87sthen I promise we'll get back to your science project.
1.59sDad, Pluto isn't a planet.