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2.06sNow, let's go get you hydrated.
1.63sLooks like we've got...
3.9shaunted boxing gloves that wril make you the heavyweight champion in 1936,
1.87sand then you'll be trapped there,
1.47swinning the same fight for eternity.
1.9sI can take out the "eternity" and the padding,
2.63sand then you'll have some time-traveling mittens.
1.93sOh, look, it's Rosemary's Baby.
1.63sHow's business?
1.83sHere's the last of our inventory.
2.9sWe're going to file chapter ll and do some restructuring.
1.83sSounds like code for "You win, Rick."
1.9sThat was important to you, wasn't it?
1.59sNope. It was important to your dumb devil friend.
1.59sTo me, this was all just a bit,
2.79slike when Bugs Bunny fucks with the opera singer for 20 minutes.
1.56sHe tried to kill himself.
2.2sSeriously? Holy crap.
1.59sHoly crap.