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1.93sI love it.
2.3sMarty Smith. l'm Scroopy Noopers.
2.09sI'm a scientist. Can I show you something?
1.76sUh, I better not.
2.43sRight now.
1.7sThe center of Pluto, Mr. Smith,
2.16sis made of a substance called "plutonium."
3.63smines like these suck plutonium up to the cities,
2.23swhere corporations use it to power everything,
3.63sfrom diamond cars to golden showers.
2.94sAnd the more we remove, the more Pluto shrinks.
1.93sThere it goes again.
1.59sJust shrank a little.
1.13sBut a few years ago,
5.17syour scientists noticed Pluto had gotten so small they couldn't even call it a "planet" anymore.
1.8sShould've been our wake-up call.
1.73sBut the rich plutonians won't wake up,
11.51sand they love your Dad telling everyone Pluto's a planet because that means they can keep mining until Pluto goes from planet to asteroid to meteor, and finally...
2.47spoof. Um, a party?
1.43sls everyone in your family an idiot?
1.66sWell, for sure me and my Dad are.