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2.33swhere you can get evil items for tree!
3.37sDiabolic son of a motherf--
1.93sWe're back on "Good Morning, Pluto."
4.73sAnd a very good morning it is for our guest, Earth scientist Jerry Smith,
4.3swho's making headlines with his bold announcement that is what, Jerry?
1.59sPluto is a planet.
1.73sWell, how about that.
1.93sI love it.
2.3sMarty Smith. l'm Scroopy Noopers.
2.09sI'm a scientist. Can I show you something?
1.76sUh, I better not.
2.43sRight now.
1.7sThe center of Pluto, Mr. Smith,
2.16sis made of a substance called "plutonium."
3.63smines like these suck plutonium up to the cities,