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1.16smaking them worthless.
1.59si removed the curse, making them worth,
2.2slike, i don 't know, " million,
1.19sSee you at the Olympics,
3.16sThis eerily intelligent doll was threatening to murder its family,
1.3sNow it does their taxes.
1.59sEverything 's deductible.
1.63sDon 't pay for cooi stuff with your soul.
1.47sPay for it with money,
2.26sYou know, like how every other store in the world works?
2.2sWe ’re iocated at First and Main in Oid Town.
1.33sCome on -- come on down.
1.19s"First and..."
3.96sf babbles f That's right across the street from "Needtul Things, "
2.33swhere you can get evil items for tree!
3.37sDiabolic son of a motherf--
1.93sWe're back on "Good Morning, Pluto."
4.73sAnd a very good morning it is for our guest, Earth scientist Jerry Smith,
4.3swho's making headlines with his bold announcement that is what, Jerry?
1.59sPluto is a planet.
1.73sWell, how about that.