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1.8sI'm kind of soup-ed out.
1.87sMrs. Tate, is it?
2.16sWhat do you desire?
2.09sWhoa, whoa, slow down, honey.
1.66sOh, is there a limit? Everything's free, right?
3.6sLet's just say you don't pay-, with money.
1.93sThat was perfect.
1.93sYou pay with the curses, right?
1.47sUm... l-well,.,
3.2sBut, Mrs. Tate, why do you want cursed items?
2.96sWell, I'm going to get the curses removed at "Curse Purge Plus."
1.93sYou know, the guy on TV?
2.37sHave you acquired creepy specific old stuff
6.73sfrom a mysterious antique or thrift store that gives you powers but fucks with you in unforeseeabie ways F Bring it to "Curse Purge Plus, "
2.99si use science to un-curse the items for cash,
1.52sand you get to keep the powers.
3.46sThis guy got mysterious sneakers to make him run faster, but guess what?
1.8sHe wouio’ have had to run until he died,
1.16smaking them worthless.