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2.26ssometimes science is about conviction.
4.44slt'd like to introduce you to a few people that very much agree with you.
1.73sOh, I...
1.97sJerry Smith is a scientist from Earth,
3.44swhere he's creating a model of our solar system.
3.27sJerry, tell Pluto about your decision.
2.56sUm... Pluto's a planet.
2.9sPluto's a fucking planet, bitch!
3.46sOh, man. This is definitely gonna go to his head.
3.6sIf it's athletic prowess you desire, Principal Vagina,
1.8sI might -- I'll take it,
0.97sB-But I haven't even --
1.02sThank you very, very much.
2.13sGreat store. Great place. Bye.
1.83sHuh. Okay.
4.23sI must say, Summer, lthought your grandfather's outburst would have disrupted business,
2.59sbut this is the best weekend I've had since Salem.